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How To Set-Up Your Master Rights Digital eBook or Software
For Delivery Using PayPal As Your Secure Payment Processor

(c) Copyright 2004 by Jim R. Legington

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= ******* F E A T U R E D  A R T I C L E ******* =

How To Set-Up Your Master Rights Digital eBook or Software
For Delivery Using PayPal As Your Secure Payment Processor

(c) Copyright 2004 by Jim R. Legington

Here's a really simple way... for You to Print Money on
Demand 24/7 using the Internet.

Your Cash flow problem can be solved before Christmas 2004.

If You have a bank account You can accept Payments for Your
products Online Using PayPal and we show You How to do just
that safe and secure for Your customers and Your business.

First of all, You will need a few tools to operate Your
business smoothly. If You do not have "Front Page" on
Your computer, You can Download a Fr^ee Copy with the
simple set-up instruction by following this link:

nstructions for downloading and installing FrontPage
Express http://www.pagematic.com/fp/  {See Tools}

Front Page Express is what we used to build our Home Page
that we use even until now. I have been using the Full
Version of "Front Page 2002" for sometime now, but we got
going with "Front Page Express". You can too I promise.

highly recommend that You also Download the Fr^ee Version
of "TextPad" and also "Cute FTP". Both of these software
products will be needed to get the job done.

Here are the links to follow to get them here:

A FR^EE and easy to use HTML editor can be found at:


A 'beginner-friendly' FTP software can be had from:

==> http://www.cuteFTP.com

You will need the Adobe Reader and a Win Zip on Your own
computer. Both these programs can be downloaded Fr^ee.

http://www.adobe.com/    http://www.winzip.com/

Free Copy of Zip2Profit Software-Unzip any Zip Files

Of Course <FRIEND>, understand that You need a Domain
Name and a Web Host to serve Your website on the Internet.

We Highly recommend that You use our Host "Powweb",
because they will give Your site First Class service
and they will also register Your Domain at no charge for
One full year.

Where else can You get 1000 MB of space and 5 Gigs of
transfer DAILY allowed. Plus they are ready with servers
that allow all the bells and whistles desired.


1,000 MB + 5 Gigs/Day Transfer - $7.77/mo Web Hosting!

f You need to bone up on Basic Operations, such as Copy
and Paste, Making Folders and Folder organization on Your
computer, then I highly Recommend that You visit the

"Newbie Club" to polish up on these functions or just
call me if we can help at all. 832-539-1208 Office.

Here is a great place for more helpful information about
your computer and the Internet. One of the Best Places
you will find to bone up on the basics. Remember, we did
mention this in the very First Email when You Subscribed.


The Master Rights Products and Solutions that we provide
makes everything simple and easy if You follow the tips
above. This will give You most of what You need to carry
out this evolution smoothly.

Now here is where the Folder organization comes  in to play.

When You purchase any Master Rights eBook or Software, be
sure to have a "MASTER FOLDER" that contains all the products
that give You the same priviledge in Distribution.

For Instance, If You had products from Jimmy D. Brown, Terry
Dean, Diane Hughes, Bryan Winters, Willie Crawford and
on and on ......, just remember to House all from the
same source in the same Folder inside Your "MASTER FOLDER"
for "Master Rights Products". Every tool we mentioned
before will come into the process.

Always read the creator of the products guidelines, this will
always make working with Your products a better experience.

When Downloading from Your Supplier it is IMPORTANT to note:

That it is a good practice to Copy and Paste as much as You
can to avoid errors. Whenever You see the Exact Name of
the product You are about to Download, Go on and Open Your
"Master Rights Folder" and create a New Folder for the
Named product You are now ready to Download.

Always be sure that at the TOP of the "Save in Window" that
You are putting the New file where You wanted it. That is
in the Folder that You just created inside of the "Master
Rights Folder". Many of these products come in a Master
Zip File or PDF file.

When You Unzip a Zip file, let me suggest that You name
a Folder First inside the same Folder that You have the
Master Zip file, Name it....."UNZIP-Plus the products Name"
this is crucial. You will see the Importance of this when
You begin to set-up Your Download Page to deliver the
product to Your Customer/Client.

Walk with on this now, When You are looking for the Full
product and all of it parts just as You received it from
Your Supplier, You should be able to simply "Open Your"
-MASTER RIGHTS FOLDER- , THEN click on the name of the
product You seek, This should immediately give You the
correct product just as You Downloaded from Your Supplier.

Here You are looking at the Full Product and besides it we
would find the "
UNZIP-Plus the products Name". Once the
UNZIP folder was clicked on, then the Web Pages and all other
parts that come with the product are found HERE.

Now, a word of CAUTION, Concerning the Web Page zip file,
in many cases. When You UNZIP-WebPage, be sure to name it
as such, and it is important that all files that are a part
of the webpage always stay together.
Usually every file
except Your "INSTRUCTION SHEET" will need to be UPLOADED
to Your Web Server using "CUTE FTP Program" that is inside
of the "Web Page Zip file".

How You Download from Your Supplier will determine how
simple it will be for You to make ready Your product from
Your website.

When putting the product up For Sale from Your website it
is best to work backward from the product delivery to

the customer back to putting up the sales page. I
n other
, before You go live with the products presentation
or Sales Page, be absolutely sure that You have finished
Your TESTING of Your Download Page Functions.

Can You complete the order process at Your Thank You Page?

See if You can Download the product back from Your server
if it is neccessary for You to be sure and confident.

Download Your eBook back on a CD or maybe a Floopy Disc.

Now it's time to produce Your Buy Link via PayPal's Secure
Server. This is a breeze using our "PayLock Generator"
Encrypt Your PayPal Purchase Link Button for Your Sales

This is just a matter of Putting in Your Email address
for Your Paypal Account, Entering the Name of the product,
giving the product an ID number, Entering Your price for
the item, Example is: 27.00 - don't worry about putting
a dollar sign in front such as this: $27.00 and DON'T add
no (US) or (USD) after 27.00, the software will handle it

Now Enter in Your Success URL, which is Your Thank You
Page for the Download after Your customer has purchased.
such as this: http://www.yourdomain.com/thankyou.html

It is IMPORTANT that Your Thank You Download Page have
a Secret Name, Think Password kind of jargon here.

There is also some HTML code that tells the Search Engines
not to Spider Your Download Pages. We also have some
software to protect Your pages even further, but the very
Good "PayLock Generator" will work find to secure Your
Downloads with PayPal as Your Payment Processor.


Simply go back to the Folder where YOU "First downloaded"
the product from Your Supplier, "Find the Thank Page URL"
from among the web pages, "Right Click" and Choose
"Rename", where you see the Blue Highlighted Name of
Your Thank You Page, Now "Right Click" Your Mouse and
"Choose Copy", Now the correct Name of the "Thank You"
Page is ready to be Pasted into Your "TEXTPAD" or
" NotePad" . You see now "thankyou" in the TextPad.

Now make the link correctly as such:


Usually these pages will not bare such a Name as simply
Thank You, but You get my drift. I highly recommend that
You always keep a copy of the Pages as You got them before
You edited the pages.

To accomplish this, simply OPEN Your "TEXTPAD", Click on
"File" -In Upper left hand  Corner, Choose OPEN, Select the
"Master Rights Folder" +From Your "My Documents", Then choose
the Folder with the "Right Product Name that You seek" , OPEN
that Folder and Find "Web Page Folder" for that product.

Now Click to Open the HTML file for the page You will
be Renaming by CHOOSING, "File" from Top Left, Then "save as"
NOW rename the file by -- adding this word at the very
front of the file name as You see it, PUT this at the
BEGINNING of the file name [ first_ ] excluding the
brackets, BE SURE-That in the "Save File As Type" that
YOU choose HTML from the drop down tab, Just above where
You see the "File Format": PC and "Encoding": ANSI

Then Click to "SAVE" the file.

For Instance, among the Web Pages, You now have a file
similiar to this, first_thankyou

According to Your Server at Your Web Hosting, Your Basic
Web Pages are saved as [ .html ] and [ .htm ] .shtml

Powweb Hosting will require Your pages saved as .html

You must have only ONE [ index.html ] and many Master
Rights Sales Pages will arrive as an  index.html file. Caution Here!

Notice: You can put everything in the same folder should You
choose to use the index as delivered by your supplier.
Remember: in the same {folder} on Your Web Server.
What You name that folder is then the path for
Your sales page to display for that product.

Looks like this Example here!

Or--Very Important-
herefore the Renaming of the file will be necessary.
Such as this: thankyou.html or yoursalespage.html
your_sales_page.html. Maybe even product_page.html or
whatever You choose to Name it. product.html

Remember the shorter the better.

This would now be the Suceess URL or THank You Page that
YOU enter into the Encrypter Software.  Such as This:


Next Enter in a Cancelled URL, which is the URL of the
Product You are selling or maybe Your Home Page if the
Customer has to discontinue for any reason doing his/her
purchasing of Your product.

Now simply select the PayPal Button You choose for Your
sales page.

Now check the little box to allow Your buyer to leave You
a note, and over to the right in the little box for the
note, write something like this-- "Comments Here!".

That is it, Just Click on the Button, "Generate the Code".

<form action=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Word of CAUTION, be sure that if You highlight the form let
everything be shadowed Blue including from the example
<form action= to xxxx to here</form>

Copy and Paste this Form into Your "TEXTPAD", that will be
added into Your sales page during editing of that Page.

In our products, You will see where the order link is to be
palced into the Sales Page. Also Your Name and Contact Info.

his will be Indicated In [ ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ]


STAY TUNED, That is enough for today. We will pick up here
in our next issue. PART-TWO Coming Next week!

Go ahead and start gathering Your tools and set up Your
Secure Payment Processing via PayPal Business or a Premier
Account. Get Your verified status completed, it a good way
to make pay transaction online.



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I mentioned this because she really started from scratch,
but I can tell when You are ready to do something great,
because You will raise Your hand. Such as Janet and many
more of You also. Call me 832-539-1208 Office.

And remember that this will help You to see the Basics being
done right before Your eyes <FRIEND>.

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